EbS 「In the future」

M2.LOVERS feat.shifo
M3.Be Free feat.MARKO from Lag gimmick
M4.on and on feat.HANA from DELiGHTED MINT
M5.Wishful thinking feat.RIA
M6.熱触 feat.RIA
M7.MOTHER~close to me~ feat.MARKO
M8.甘い嘘 feat.KEIKO OGINO
M9.Dry Edge feat.RIA
M10.すべての悲しみの向こうへ… feat.MIKIKO from 1650 B’way
M11.moments feat.AKI IJIRI

music & produced by
Hitoshi Harukawa & DJ SOMA from EbS

2001.3.28 / KITTY MME /
UMCK-1018 / ¥3,059(tax in

to all